Google Mobile Search Updated With Continuous Scrolling


Google Mobile Search Updated With Continuous Scrolling

Google is updating mobile search in the US with the ability to continuously scroll as more results automatically load.

What to Expect From Google’s Continuous Scrolling Update

Have you heard of Google’s latest update? Continuous scrolling is a change in Google’s search format, combining the first six pages into one continuous scrollable page!

For more information on Google’s continuous scrolling update, check out our article:

Google introduces continuous scrolling to Search on mobile | New Update

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Google Continuous Scrolling Update | Continuous Scrolling Update In Google Searches On Mobile Device

So, here we have an update — Google Continuous Scrolling Update.
This update is applicable to google searches on mobile devices. The continuous scrolling update intends to make Google searches easy and quick for mobile searchers. Okay…but what does continuous scroll mean? What will change with this update? How will Google’s continuous scrolling update affect content creators?

Well, this video will answer all these questions, probably many more, too. So, stay tuned. Know how Google continuous scrolling update on mobile devices will impact your SERP position and how you can align to the same.

So, watch this video till the end and stay ahead in the race of SERP results. Enjoy higher traffic, CTR, and ultimately, be ready for growth.
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Google Continuous Scroll on Desktop Search Results

Google announced they are rolling out continuous scroll in desktop search results for English results in the US. This was announced around December 5th, 2022. Google had previously rolled out continuous scroll on search results for mobile in the US in October 2021. The first six pages of results will be continuous scroll, after which, users can click a button to load more results.
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