Google’s Shift from Answers to Journeys: What Does It Mean for SEO?


Google's Shift from Answers to Journeys: What Does It Mean for SEO?

Here's what you need to know about Google's Search Journeys and why you should consider it when you next conduct keyword research.

Google Accounts Just Got an AWESOME New Feature

This will hopefully be the future of logging in to websites ��
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▼ Time Stamps: ▼
0:00 – What’s Happening?
0:43 – What Are Passkeys?
1:37 – How Passkeys Work
4:35 – What If You Lose Your Phone?
5:34 – Usernames Not Required
6:05 – Passkey Setup (On Google Account)
6:47 – Windows Hello Setup
7:29 – Setting Up with Phones
7:44 – Setup for iPhone
8:07 – Setup for Android
8:58 – Login Process with Passkeys
10:26 – Other Sites Supporting Passkeys

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Google Search Generative Experience | New SERP features | What it means for SEO

Google is rolling out new features for search engine results pages (SERPs) using an AI driven “Search Generative Experience”.

I have seen some really uninformed and flat out crazy responses to this update, so I decided to put a few thoughts together and highlight the SEO practices I will be focussing on to move forward and continue to rank high in Google search results.

Google has always had the same purpose: to provide their users with the best experience possible by delivering fresh, high quality content that answers their questions with as little effort as possible. That hasn’t changed.

Search engines have been constantly evolving over the last few decades based on user experience. This isn’t changing.

Google is now placing an even higher priority on personal experience and expertise as an way of building authority. Your website is fine if you continue to deliver this.

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Google Journeys: What Google REALLY Knows About You!

Google Journeys are a way for Google to understand the entire context of a user’s search. This includes understanding the user’s intent, what they’ve searched for in the past, and their location. By understanding these factors, Google can provide more personalized and relevant search results. Journeys can help you shop, dine, search, and learn in a more productive way.
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0:00 What are Google Journeys

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AI Has Reached A Tipping Point, The World Is About To Change Forever, And My Head Hurts

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Lately there’s been an explosion in news around AI, with some new groundbreaking revelation every other day. With chatbots like ChatGPT and image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E, the landscape, especially for content creation, has irrevocably changed. There’s a LOT of angles to this topic and no end to the hot takes. So I decided to take this topic on the best I could. It almost broke me.

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0:00 – AI’s Second-Tower Moment
3:48 – Tangent Cam
5:19 – Three Levels of AI
9:46 – Generative AI
12:20 – How LLMs Work
19:10 – Alpaca
21:24 – Nebula Extra – Testing AI So You Don’t Have To
24:18 – Immediate Threats
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