Impactful SEO Reporting: My Most Difficult Lessons Learned


Impactful SEO Reporting: My Most Difficult Lessons Learned

SEO reporting can make or break the success of your strategy. Check out these five secrets to impactful reporting (learned the hard way).

Webinar: A Deep Dive Into E-A-T and SEO (Establish Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust)

John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, Jason Carleton and Nicole Lincoln are your webinar host and guides to build what every high-quality web page needs: E-A-T — a high level of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

In this webinar you’ll discover the search engine ranking factors that matter according to Google, by one of the best in the industry.

By purging your sites of low quality content, you can expect to align with Google’s Best Practices and attract more of your most valuable visitors from organic search results. Watch the webinar now to learn everything you need to know about E-A-T and search engine optimization. E-A-T SEO is so important for financial and medical websites, but really all websites are now reviewed by these guidelines. Watch now to learn.

How to Do an Effective Content Gap Analysis for SEO

By doing a content gap analysis, you can find keywords that your competitors rank for in Google where your site isn’t ranking at all. The tool used in this video is Ahrefs’ Content Gap tool.

In this video, you’ll learn four hyper-effective techniques to use a content gap analysis which will help you create a solid blogging strategy without a traditional keyword research tool.

Here are the techniques that are covered:

1. Find keywords that all of your competitors rank for, but your website isn’t ranking in the top 100 Google search results for that keyword.

2. How to use a content gap analysis for a “content refresh” (updating old or outdated content).

3. How to use Ahrefs’ Content Gap tool to create a data-driven blog post.

4. How to use content gap to consolidate similar content.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced SEO, the tips in this video, along with this lightweight tool will help you make smart data-driven decisions for your content marketing strategy.


0:33 Find keywords that your competitors rank for (but you don’t)
4:38 Use Content Gap tool for your content refresh
6:18 Create an outline for your new post
6:44 Consolidate your content

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6 Ways To Engage Your Organic Search Traffic On Social Media

Whether you’re new to organic growth or you want to improve your organic search reach, this easy six-step method will help you engage your visitors with Facebook lookalike audiences.

It might seem like it takes forever to establish an online audience of people who truly want to read what you write, interacts in your content, and actually purchase the goods and services you provide – particularly when attempting to expand organically.

Organic development may often take months or even years to reach a lucrative stage. The weird part is most creative and company owners are still depending on Google to maybe send another individual to their website or page. But what if there were a method to remedy that problem? What if there were a better and quicker method to engage your organic search traffic and your social media content both at the same time?

Luckily, there is!

We built this easy six-step strategy to engage your organic search visitors on social media and substantially boost your organic search reach utilizing Facebook lookalike audiences.

Step 1: Perform keyword research.
Step 2: Create a piece of content (for this example, it will be a blog).
Step 3: Get some organic traffic to that piece of content.
Step 4: Set up your social media pixel and pixel the individuals who read the content piece.
Step 5: Create a Facebook lookalike audience.
Step 6: Serve social media advertising to that audience.

The steps may seem a little overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to organic development. But don’t worry; this blog will break it down for you.

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