Metribolone combined course

Methyltrienolone was developed by a well-known French drug manufacturer who had already released Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate in the 1990s, the only Trenbolone drug approved for medical use. However, unlike this trenbolome, methyltrienolone never received medical approval and was used largely only as a test substance. This explains the very low availability of this active principle, as well as the obtaining of reliable data on its use and behaviour.

Many of the rumors surrounding this steroid are probably based, on the one hand, on the fact that it is practically not available and are associated with an evaluation of androgenic and anabolic efficacy.



In practice, the dose that bodybuilders see is usually between 5 and 10 mg.
Methyltrienolone is used in practice only for a few weeks and, if possible, never in combination with other oral anabolic androgenic steroids. Because methyltrienolone, like its main steroid trenbolone, is a 19-norsteride, it causes complete and sustained suppression of testosterone production in the body, which can lead to impotence, among other things . To prevent this libido problem, most users of methyltrienolone or trenbolone use the testosterone variant.

The primary use of methyltrienolones is likely to be in diet and competition, for a number of reasons. Due to its structure, the enzyme aromatase cannot convert methyltrienolone to estrogen in the body, thus eliminating unwanted fluid retention. Since methyltrienolone can bind to the androsterone receptor due to its action as a progestin, effectively displacing up to 90% of androsterone from its receptor’s own body, it also acts as an effective diuretic, since androsterone is responsible for sodium retention in the body, which contributes to water retention. Furthermore, methyltrienolone has a clear anticatabolic effect as it blocks the formation of catabolic cortisol. Together with the fat burning effect described by many users and the ability of methyltrienolone to maintain strength even during severe caloric restriction, the result is an anabolic androgenic steroid that shows extremely beneficial properties during the extreme slimming phase or during preparations. for the competition.