Post-course therapy

PCT (post cycle therapy) is recovery after a steroid cycle. At the end of the course, it is necessary to minimize the loss of muscle mass and restore your natural testosterone levels.

Post-bike therapy requires careful and skillful riding. Therefore, to avoid health problems, despite the abundance of information on the Internet, you need to constantly interact with an andrologist and other experts. Only strict adherence to its recommendations will allow you to maintain good health, good humor, and daily activities.

With a well-done PCT under expert supervision, you get:

  • Maximum retention of result (strength and muscle mass) with minimal recoil effect;
  • Restoration of natural (natural) hormone levels;
  • Prevention of gynecomastia (aromatization of testosterone to estradiol);
  • Stimulation of self-testosterone production;
  • Exclusion (reduction) of the development of other side effects associated with the use of anabolic steroids.

When does recovery begin after taking Metribolone?


Athletes who start PCT immediately after injections act without thinking. Experts advise to wait until testosterone levels fall below 12 nmol / l after steroid removal before starting treatment. In most cases, this approach is justified.

The exceptions are certain drugs designed to block the production of prolactin (bromocriptine, cabergoline) and estradiol (aromatase inhibitors). They are usually taken before the start of PCT and after treatment, and may be needed individually (depending on the analysis). The fact is that high levels of prolactin prevent the recovery of natural testosterone production, and it forms estradiol. Therefore, it is recommended that these classes be combined with an anabolic course or taken immediately thereafter. This is especially true when it comes to steroids with high androgenic activity.

It is possible to determine the start time of rehabilitation treatment by means of special analyzes or on the basis of approximate information on the disintegration time of the substances. The first option is more accurate and simpler, but requires a trip to the medical center and fees for laboratory tests. In particular, you need:

  • take a biochemical blood test that shows the condition of the liver after taking steroids;
  • measure hormone levels (LH, FSH, total testosterone, estradiol, cortisol, prolactin).

In addition, you can study the indicators of SHBG and thyroid hormones (free thyroxine and triiodothyronine). For the tests to be reliable, you must strictly follow the instructions of the experts (donate blood on an empty stomach, do not smoke, avoid the stress of the previous day, do not drink alcohol, etc.).